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  • What is the Educational Bursary?
    When Wensleydale Agricultural Society was formed one of the aims was to improve knowledge of agriculture in the locality. To help to carry on the principles of the founder members the Directors instigated an educational bursary.
  • Can I apply?
    Eligibility to apply:- xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
  • How to apply:-
    Follow the below xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx
  • Past Bursary Winners
    Bursaries have been awarded for ATV vehicle training, to a local Young Farmers Club towards the cost of an educational trip. One of the most recent benefiaries is Callum Spence from Wensleydale. Callum currently works at Thornton Rust for the Harrison family. Callum is very involved with the dairy herd, and his employer Adrian Harrison is very involved helping his wife develop their on farm diversification Wensleydale Icecream with the introduction of an ice cream parlour. Callum wanted to be able to Artificially Inseminate the cows himself – this aids conception and because he is on farm all day he can serve them at the optimum time. Callum was granted a bursary and booked onto a course with Dale and Vale Vets. Callum has been practicing his skills – with some success as he is just awaiting the birth of his first calf ! Adrian has found Callum’s new skills a big help especially in the time of Covid restrictions as he has been assisting to make alterations to the Icecream parlour and can leave Callum to manage the AI s – he does not have to dash back up to the farm to check if there are any cows requiring serving following morning or evening milkings.
Callum Spence

Educational Bursary

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