Educational Bursary FAQ

I registered and now?

To start using the platform and place orders, the first step is Add Balance. Then you can make requests for followers, likes, views, comments and more.

Are the followers american?

Yes, all followers and likes are from real users and american with photo. This contributes for you to have a better experience and give credibility to your profile, after all, nobody likes fake followers right?!

Is this safe?

Yes, our service is 100% secure and does not expose your account to any type of risk.

Can the account be private?

No, the account must be open to the public in order for us to deliver.

É preciso da inserir senha do Instagram para usar o Painel?

Não, não é necessário informar a senha do Instagram, no painel você somente informará o nome do usuário.

Callum Spence

Educational Bursary

Bursary  information coming soon. 

in the meantime please contact