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Wensleydale show 2015 by Andrew Fletcher



President Mr and Nrs D Amsden

Vice President Mrs J Metcalfe

Chairman Mrs E Acaster Law 

Vice Chairman Mrs J Stewart

Joint Secretaries Ms S Carter, Mrs C Norton  & Mrs C Fletcher

Treasurer Mrs C Fletcher

Ladies' Secretaries Mrs J A Clarke

Show Helpers: Animals

Cattle A Welch (Chief), G M Harrison, P Metcalfe, J Metcalfe, J Pratt, S Liddle, G & A Harrison, R Bradley, R Anderson, J Steel-Taylor & J Kettlewell

Sheep K Foster (Chief), E Blacklock (Asst. Chief), R Dixon, J Dixon, J Sunter, S Walker, D Dinsdale, D Lambert, J A Sunter, E Tiplady, S Dixon, D Greenwood, O Duffus, D Dent & L Metcalfe, J Ford 

Equine B Slinger (Horses & Ponies), R Morris E Maire, A Law & E Acaster-Law (Carriage Driving)


Poultry S Dinsdale & L Dinsdale

Sheepdogs  North East Sheepdog Society 

Show Helpers 

Field Directors  J Hudson

Health & Safety S Bratley & First Security

Main Ring Stewards J Stewart & R Sallabank


Walking Sticks K Stone

Vintage D Lloyd

 Hon. Veterinary Surgeons TBC


Ladies J A Clarke, J Dinsdale, K Iveson, C Pounder, M Iveson


Horticulture C Akrill & E Stone


General D Metcalfe, I Ford, D Robinson, D and M Dillon, M Clarkson, J Carlisle, D Milner, A McGregor, P Sedgwick, K Lawson, M Chapman

Trophy Steward L Allen

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